You can teach someone to sell, but you can't teach them to love selling.   Understanding an individual's motivations and cognitive abilities enables employers to match people to jobs that fit best with their natural abilities, not just experiences.



Roslyn Webber is the Principal and Founder of Seabold Consulting.  Roslyn has an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and 15 years of human resources consulting experience. She was a partner in the benefits consulting firm Howard Johnson & Co. before it was acquired by Merrill Lynch in 1998. Over the years, her clients have included Airborne Express, Evans and Sutherland, Nike, Safeway, Kinkos, and Montgomery Ward (now Macy's).

Roslyn uses predictive analytics, skill assessments, and training to drive success for her clients.  She is an Associate with the Predictive Group which gives her access to some of the most effective, sophisticated tools in the marketplace, including Predictive Index, Learning Indicator, and Selling Skills Assessment Tool, and the Leadership Performance Index. 

She is based in the Seattle area and serves employers throughout the Northwest.

"People do best what comes naturally."

John F. Kennedy

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Job fit, manager impact, culture, and team dynamics drive engagement. Behavioral and cognitive data tell you what an employee needs in each of these arenas to be emotionally committed to your organization and goals. 

People don't leave jobs, they leave managers. With knowledge of an individual's needs and motivation, managers can provide the structure and coaching that will maximize job satisfaction and productivity.   

Identify communication, influencing, management, and decision-making style.  Assess leadership skills and provide the training needed to your managers up the leadership pipeline.